David-Lorne Photographic

Michael David-Lorne Jordan

Commercial Photographer



Mistie K Jordan

Production Designer

Business Manager


"It is more important to click with People than to click the shutter."

- Alfred Eisenstaedt



I'm Michael David-Lorne Jordan and I am a commercial photographer based in Owosso, Michigan, but I am 30 minutes from an airport that will take me anywhere.

My favorite type of project is to work with people who want to tell a story.

Yes, it's true, I once had my own darkroom.

The instant gratification of digital photography and the peace of mind that it supports for crafting an image is priceless.


I went to college and learned a lot about photography.  And met my wife and business partner, Mistie.

I worked in Detroit and learned more about photography.  

I worked at Dow Chemical and learned even more about photography.

Then, Mistie and I opened David-Lorne Photographic in 1990 to help people craft their stories by sharing what I know about photography and what she knows about design.

Next, I added video capabilities, because moving pictures and stories; am I right?

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